At CityZEN Dental, you can expect to receive world class quality dental treatments in a compassionate and caring surrounding.

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Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia and staff use conservative and holistic approach to treat you as a whole and never only your tooth. We address various oral health problems, including sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, cosmetic dental care, restorative/preventative dental services as well as the health of your gum and oral tissue. We believe in customized care and we develop special combinations of materials, methods along with contemplative care to ensure everyone’s experience remains one of a kind. We believe “one size never fits all” and we reflect this philosophy in every visit. Having trained therapists on staff, we manage stress and anxiety using modalities such as Reiki, aromatherapy, digitation, and breathing exercises. At our Yoga clinic, you will be introduced to restorative poses to enhance the wellbeing of your head and neck. For patients with higher levels of anxiety who have had previous traumatic experiences , Dr Mandy will use therapeutics to sedate them into a comfortable sleep while receiving dental care.

Comprehensive cosmetic dentistry is best achieved when all elements of aesthetics are aligned. Teeth whitening, Invisalign and porcelain veneers all work together to give you your new unforgettable smile.

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry in our times. At CityZEN we will restore your smile with highly aesthetic, durable and well functional dental implants.

To ensure continuity of care and avoid hassles caused by dental insurances or lack of, Dr Mandy has devised different tiers of in-house memberships.

We are located in Midtown Manhattan and serve NYC and surrounding metro areas. Our office is conveniently located and is close to public transportation.

To receive all-inclusive oral health care in a warm, welcoming environment, partner with Dr. Mandy at CityZEN Dental. Schedule an appointment calling the office or booking online today.

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